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UW-Fox Valley Offers New 'Scholars Series'

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

Lectures, Presentations for 2002-2003

The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley has scheduled a new series of informative and entertaining lectures and presentations for the 2002-2003 academic year. Titled the "Scholars Series," it brings to the campus a wide range of nationally recognized experts and leaders in their respective fields.

Over the past few years, UWFox has offered a general lecture series and a special grouping of presentations entitled, "Science Society of the Fox Valley." This new series brings together both concepts into a well-rounded and stimulating package.

All of the presentations are free and open to the public, and begin at Noon. With the exception of the opening Convocation on September 9 that takes place in the campus' Fieldhouse, all the presentations in the Scholars Series are scheduled for the UWFox Theatre - located in the center of the campus.

Below are listed the Scholars Series presentations scheduled for the Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 Semesters.

September 9 - 2002-2003 Campus Convocation: "Liberal Arts: Tools to Face an Unpredictable Future," presented by Dr. Philip Certain, Dean, College of Letters and Sciences and Professor of Chemistry, UW-Madison (UWFox Fieldhouse).

September 23 - "Contemporary Methods for Studying Tornadoes 'Without Getting Swept Away,' " presented by Dr. Bruce Lee, Department of Earth Sciences - Meteorology at the University of Northern Colorado (UWFox Theatre).

October 14 - "Comic Books: A New Literary Art Form or Kid Stuff?" presented by Dr. Mary Layoun, Professor of Comparative Literature and Director of Graduate Studies, College of Letters and Science, UW-Madison (UWFox Theatre).

October 28 - "The Galileo Mission to Jupiter-The Daring Return to Io: Moon of Volcanoes and Fire," presented by Dr. Nagin Cox of NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (UWFox Theatre).

November 11 - "Civil Liberties in War Time," presented by John Cooper, Professor of History at the UW-Madison (UWFox Theatre).

November 25 - "Dark Stars or Wandering Super-Jupiters? The Discovery of Brown Dwarfs," presented by Dr. Adam Burgasser, Hubble Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California Los Angeles (UWFox Theatre).

December 2 - UWFox Jazz Band performs in the UWFox Student Union

December 9 - "Business Ethics," presented by Dean Emeritus Robert H. Bock, School of Business at UW-Madison (UWFox Theatre).

February 10 - "Puppy Mills: No Place for Man’s Best Friend," presented by Dr. Patricia McConnell, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Zoology at UW-Madison (UWFox Theatre).

February 24 - "Mapping Your World with Geographic Information Systems," presented by Dr. Joseph Kerski, US Geological Survey at the Denver Federal Center (UWFox Theatre).

March 10 - "The Complex Process of Human Communication," presented by Dr. Mary Anne Fitzpatrick, Professor of Communication Arts and Associate Dean, College of Letters and Sciences at UW-Madison (UWFox Theatre).

March 24 - "Understanding and Addressing the Needs of the LBGT Community," presented by Ms. Sara Hinkel, LGBT Coordinator, Dean of Students Office, UW-Madison (UWFox Theatre).

April 14 - "How Human Intelligence Evolved," presented by Dr. Carol Ward, Department of Anthropology at the University of Missouri-Columbia (UWFox Theatre).

April 28 - "Exploring the Ethics of Stem Cell Research," presented by Dr. Steve Clark, Associate Professor at the UW-Madison Medical School and Comprehensive Cancer Center (UWFox Theatre).

May 5 - UWFox Jazz Band performs in the UWFox Student Union.

For more information about the Scholars Series, interested individuals can contact Dave Hager, Director of University Relations at UWFox, 920-832-2611 or email david.hager@uwc.edu.

Free parking for visitors and guests attending the Scholars Series is available on the west side of the campus, which is located at 1478 Midway Road, Menasha.

Posted 8/29/2002