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UWFox Cylcones Soccer Team – Undefeated Conference Champions

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The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley Cyclones soccer team, lead by head coach Wil Krautkramer, earned the number one seed in the WCC state tournament, which will begin on October 11, after going undefeated and taking the conference championship. The Cyclones have won 19 conference games in a row over the last two seasons.

The team has been faced with new challenges this season. It learned early in the season that the conference was much more competitive. With a tough state championship fast approaching, the Cyclones have to keep up a solid work ethic. "The largest hurdle to overcome is complacency," Krautkramer said. "We have a number of players from last year’s undefeated conference championship team that figured this year would be easy."

The Cyclones faced huge challenges from all teams in the conference, and Krautkramer believes that every team the Cyclones faced put forth their best effort. "Turnover is so severe at two-year colleges. All teams have a shot, and that makes every squad dangerous," Krautkramer said.

The Cyclones are lead by returning players Ramiro Mendes, Andy Pohlkotte, Levi Stroik, Jake Dollinger and Collin VanPay. All players demonstrate speed, accuracy and aggressiveness. The team consists of nine first-year players and seven returning players. Most of the athletes reside in the Fox Valley. A few players are Green Bay, Waupaca, Stevens Point and Janesville. "I am always looking to expand my area of recruiting," Krautkramer said. "Appleton is a great place for college athletes."

In practice the Cyclones focus on technical improvement and tactical issues. Krautkramer individualizes drills to meet the athlete’s skill level, and he also gives them opportunities for ball handling that will occur in game-like situations. Krautkramer has a coaching philosophy that is much like that at UWFox – Love the work today; prepare for the success that is tomorrow. "I want my athletes to enjoy the work at practice and build team chemistry through accepting the challenges that the work will bring," he said. "You can’t produce a winning attitude unless you get everyone to enjoy thoroughly what they are doing."

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Posted 10/05/2010