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Free soft skill workshops for local businesses offered at UWFox

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Studies have shown that employee’s happiness, satisfaction and positivity are intimately linked with their productivity and creativity. Because of this, A.L. Ranen McLanahan, Ph.D., assistant professor of engineering at UWFox, has developed The McLanahan Solidarity Project - Free soft skill workshops for local businesses. Dr. Ranan McLanahan

When unsatisfied employees leave an organization it can become costly. They take the most valuable resource with them: knowledge. When replacing a managerial or professional employee, the total direct and indirect cost is estimated at $100,000.

As part of a professional service and outreach to the community, several free workshops will be offered to local businesses. These workshops will enhance fundamental knowledge and skills to inform, enrich and inspire greater solidarity, teamwork and communication within an organization.

Some workshops include:

The Currency of Human Interaction

  • A workshop about increasing teamwork, respect and motivation in the workplace
  • Addresses challenges employees face in their interpersonal interactions
  • Includes non-monetary techniques to both understand and motivate others

Communication for Every Occasion

  • A workshop about the importance of audience and giving them what they want in a way they can accept
  • Features both written and oral communication and presentation
  • Includes teambuilding exercises to help groups become more unified

Working with Infinity- The Art of Problem Solving

  • A workshop on solving ill-defined problems that have infinite possible solutions
  • Designed to increase creativity and better utilize limited resources through intelligent preparation, working general to specific and avoiding white-knuckled solutions
  • Extremely interactive with several teamwork challenges

Although free, donations to support engineering at UWFox are accepted; 100 percent of donations to support engineering students in their studies, club activities and outside-the-classroom projects.

The workshops are designed for employees at all levels. Space is limited to groups of 15 to 120 people. Spaces will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis and only a limited number of workshops will be held. Dates and times for all workshops are customizable and lunch hour presentations are available at a company’s site. To set up a time for your group’s workshop, contact Dr. Ranen McLanahan at ranen.mclanahan@uwc.edu or by calling (920) 832-2631.



Posted 12/16/2013