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Student of the Year 2007

[This page is preserved for historical and reference purposes only.  The information contained on it may no longer be current.]

Each year, the campus faculty and staff are invited to nominate a student for the “Student of the Year Award.” The student will be honored at the Commencement and Awards Ceremony on May 18. The general criteria are:

  • A departing student
  • A student who has demonstrated academic excellence
  • A student who has been involved in extracurricular activities

The Scholarship and Academic Actions Committee received 8 applications nominated by 11 faculty and staff. After carefully reviewing those applications, the committee is proudly to announce the recipient of 2007 Student of the Year award as follow:

Student of the Year 1007 - Justin LillgeWinner -Justin Lillge

Justin embodies the type of student that is an excellent role model for the campus.  He is involved in several campus activities including theatre and student government. He is an officer in student government. He serves on several committees for both student government and standing committees of the Collegium. Justin is helpful, friendly, and trusted. Justin spoke very persuasively and effectively in front of the Winnebago County Board when the vote for the CAC was taken.  Justin is academically sound and has been on the Dean’s List several times. 

Other 2007 Nominees

Posted 5/9/2007