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UWFox Students Present at Symposium for Undergraduate Research

Sophomore Alexander Duly and Rachel Gentz display their research on sleep On Friday, April 11, students and their mentors from across Wisconsin participated in the 13th Annual UW-System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity. The 350 student presentations included University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley sophomores Alexander Duley and Rachel Gentz’ “Sleep Habits and the Effects on Students and College Life.”

Nearly 500 students from UW-System schools, along with 200 faculty, staff, graduate students and alumni mentors and volunteers, gathered at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to view and celebrate undergraduate research collaborations and initiatives. Duley and Gentz’ research centered on the sleep habits of college students and they engaged with students to educate and discuss the impacts of sleep patterns on overall wellness.

“It was wonderful to get together with so many creative minds,” Gentz said. “In the true spirit of the pursuit of knowledge, we all had something to contribute to the other. I feel that this is something every student should partake in; it will change his or her entire perspective on research.”

Dr. Terri Gonya, associate professor of biology and Dr. Caroline Geary, Department of Chemistry chair for the University of Wisconsin Colleges and associate professor of chemistry at UWFox, mentored Duley and Gentz throughout their research, and accompanied them to the symposium.

“Rachel and Alex did a fantastic job of connecting with the other participants and clearly came away with an enhanced understanding of research and a greater confidence for how they can contribute to scientific knowledge,” Geary said. “It is wonderful to work at UW-Fox Valley where students just starting in their first or second year can be drawn into these interdisciplinary projects, have opportunities to share that work, and come away with greater enthusiasm for science.”