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Regional Premiere of 'W;t' at UW-Fox Valley Pulitzer Prize Winning Play Opens This Friday

The regional premiere of "W;t," [note: pronounced "w-i-t-t"] the 1999 Pulitzer Prize winning play by author Margaret Edson, opens this Friday in the Fine Arts Theatre on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley in Menasha.

The play, written by Margaret Edson, depicts an English literature professor's spiritual journey to a fuller and more humane understanding of life than she has been able to enjoy in her past. Her process of self-awareness comes at a great personal expense.

The central character in the play, "Vivian Bearing," must take "another journey, too. She must pass from life to death as her body deteriorates from the effects of ovarian cancer and the chemotherapy she receives.

Edson explains that, as the author, she wanted to "talk about a person's relationship with grace - meaning the flow of harmony in and out of her life, her relationship with God, and her growing awareness of her own self as a person with a soul and a capacity for love. And the best way to talk about that was to show a person who had none of these attributes and show her gradually coming into them."

The cast includes:

  • Josie Biederman as "Vivian Bearing,"
  • Robert Larson as "Harvey Kelekian,"
  • Michael Ceman as "Jason Posner,"
  • Cathy Stein as "Susie Monahan,"
  • Valerie Verhagen as "E.M. Ashford,"
  • Tu Lee as "Mr. Bearing."

The cast ensemble includes: Tara McPeak, Julian Plamann, Sara Lyn Stack, Jessica Summers, and Matt Thompson.

The Artistic Director is H. Michael Loy, who is also on the faculty at UW-Fox Valley. The production manager is Katie Hansen, with cast member Tara McPeak also doubling as the Assistant Production Manager.

The theatre set's lighting is designed and produced by UWFox's Theatre Lab "131, with Wayman Wittman supervising. Jessica Maas, Kevin Schaeffer, Cheryl Flesburg, and the Theatre Lab "131.' round out the crew.

The play is being performed this week on Friday April 20, and Saturday April 21. Next week's performances are scheduled for Thursday April 26, Friday April 27, and Saturday April 28.

All shows are at 8:00 p.m. in the UW-Fox Valley Fine Arts Theatre, located in the central portion of the campus. Ticket prices are: $10 for adults, $8 for students with ID and senior citizens. For UWFox students with ID, the charge is $5.

Ticket information is available at 832-2646 or 832-2613.

Free parking is available on the West Side of the campus. The University of Wisconsin is located at 1478 Midway Road, Menasha, between S. Oneida St. on the east, S. Appleton Road on the west, and just south of Hwy. #441.

Posted 4/18/2001