Temporary Exhibits

The Weis hosts numerous temporary displays throughout the year. We currently have special cases devoted to mineral spheres from around the world, a fluorite collection from classic Illinois localities, and samplings from other newly acquired mineral collections.


This mini-exhibit highlights the geology and history of the Niagara Escarpment. It includes a game to see if you can match photos of the ledge to their location.

Permanent Exhibits

There are exhibits for visitors of all ages at the Weis, including many hands-on and interactive displays.

  • move continents
  • make an earthquake
  • shoot off a quarry blast
  • make it rain
  • and much more...

Visit our “Dinosaur Den” to discover exhibit

  • one of the best dinosaur nests on exhibit anywhere
  • a life-size skull replica of Stan, the Tyrannosaurus rex
  • a thigh bone of a duck-bill dinosaur that you can touch
  • a complete Psittacosaurus with stone in its gizzard

Explore Mines & Minerals

  • walk through a lead-mine tunnel
  • explore Wisconsin's mining history
  • discover how Native Americans mined copper
  • learn how we use rocks and minerals
  • marvel at beautiful minerals